Why Choose Yoga of Dickson?

We Teach All 8 Limbs of Yoga Under Yoga Alliance Standards!

Is the thought of lifting weights pulling you back from exercise?

Try yoga. Same results but a more peaceful mind.

History & Vision

Yoga has been evolving in Dickson for several years. A few classes at the local gyms and dance studios went well, but we were still looking for that quiet place to practice. Yoga of Dickson finally found it's permanent location in March 2013, purchasing an old church building built in 1932! The energy is fantastic. We had to put a lot of time, energy, and money into the Sanctuary before it would be suitable for practice. Several students joined in on the efforts by physically working, donating money or items. We are still finishing up small projects here and there as we grow. Yoga of Dickson! A PEACEFUL PRACTICE!



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