Christy O'Brien, ERYT

Christy was recommended Yoga at the age of 25 after being diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Overcoming many levels of childhood abuse, she was too dark at the time to give it a try. Christy spent the next few years in therapy and heavily medicated. It took giving birth to her first born child to wake her up! "Born into the darkness, Yoga helped me become better planted in the light". Christy has been studying Yoga for over 10 years now. She became certified through Nancy Wile Ed.D. E-RYT, founder of Yoga Education Institute (Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance). Other inspiring teachers: Mary Irby E-RYT, Aretha Mckinney Blevins, Linda Mills, Jan Campbell, and Jami Grich Ph.D. In addition to her Yoga studies, she has an associates degree in Photography and Graphic Design (Visual Communications).

Mary Irby,

Mary is an RYT-500 and founder a 200-hour Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. She is the primary E-RYT for a 200-hour RYT program. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga for 30 years. She has completed three 200-hour training programs in the US and finished her 500-hour yoga therapy training through the International Yoga Academy in India, where she studied Thiramoolar's Therapeutic Ashtanga Yoga. One of her 200-hour training programs earned her a designation of a Certified Thai Practitioner (CTP). She is also certified by ACE and AEA. Mary's teaching style is a blend of many styles she has experienced, creating a class that incorporates breath work, meditation and asana.

Connie Ethridge, RYT

Connie graduated from Atlanta School of Massage in 1989 and is currently licensed in the state of Tennessee. She taught massage therapy for six years at High Tech Institute in Donelson, TN, graduating over 500 students.

After the death of her husband in 2012, she attended yoga classes to help initiate the healing process. Feeling lost and out of shape, yoga began to aid and assist by catapulting her mind, body and spirit to new heights.

Finishing her studies at Yoga of Dickson in May 2014, Connie is now combining her knowledge in Massage and Yoga.

"I want to inspire people to practice Yoga at any level because I know without a doubt it will increase the quality of life."

Jill Munson,

Jill fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2010 when she took her first Vinyasa class at Yoga of Dickson. She had practiced yoga occasionally on her own prior to this, but had never been to an instructor-led yoga class. After dealing with a high-stress job and daily headaches due to head/neck injuries for over a decade, Jill was drawn to the practice as a form of physical therapy, balance, and stress relief. Her passion for yoga has only increased since that day and her goal is to share the joy of yoga with as many people as she can. Jill has a strong desire to bring the joy and power of yoga to people who want to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. Her passion is to share the healing benefits of yoga that have helped her to find peace of mind, internal cleansing and experience transformation through the breath. Jill is currently working as an Infrastructure Computer Architect and enjoys reading, fishing, scuba diving, and being in mother nature's great outdoors.

Laurie Perkins,

Laurie became interested in Yoga about 5 years ago after a knee injury and two knee surgeries, leaving her unable to maintain her running routine. Despite surgery and much physical therapy, she was unable to run or kneel on her right knee. Yoga has allowed her to lengthen her leg muscles and strengthen her knee making running and kneeling possible again. As an avid reader, Laurie was also influenced to try Yoga by authors such as Steven Cope, author of 'The Wisdom of Yoga' and Deepak Chopra, MD, author of Perfect Health, 'The Complete Mind Body Guide'.

Alicia Trotter,

Alicia studied Nursing at Tennessee Technological University and earned her BSN in May 2005. She has always had a passion for health and nutrition. She helps individuals with learning about proper nutrition and healing through food. When she herself became ill with Adrenal Fatigue in the fall of 2012, it was her Yoga practice that helped to heal her. This healing has deepened her desire to not only practice Yoga on a personal level, but also to teach Yoga. Her desire is to help others find healing within their own body through meditation and a consistent Yoga practice.